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  Manufacturing cell with injection moulding machine and robot
Manufacturing cell with injection moulding machine and robot

This cell combines our automated injection moulding machine SP3K with a robot. The result is a manufacturing cell with the process steps feeding, unloading, removing the sprue, checking and final packing.

  • The Robot is placed on a table suitable to SPK97.
  • The table is bolted to the frame of the SPK97.
  • On the table are placed:
    • Magazin with separator
    • Blade turner with direction contro
    • Sprue cutter, packingbox
    • Optional image inspection system
  • The Injection Moulding machine is equipped with an interface for communication
  • The machine safety cover has got a controllable flap
  • The mould "screwdriver" is automated and prepared for the feeding of the blade
  • The robothand has got long fingers to grip the blade.


  1. The robot takes the blade from the separator.
  2. The placement of the blade is checked. If necessary the blade is turned.
  3. On its way to the mould the robot turns and swings its hand. The SPK97 signals a ready and opens its coverflap.
  4. During feeding the moulding machine is blocked.
  5. The robot waits for the injection procedure being finished and unloads the perfected screwdriver.
  6. The sprue is cutted off.
  7. Before packing an image inspection system can check weather the moulding is correct.
Keywords: Process cell, injection moulding machine, automation technology , industrial robotics, handling, manufacturing cell
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