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Dipl. Ing. A. Kutschelis & Sohn

Technische Lehrmittel Construktion
Hochstr. 8
D- 59425 Unna

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  Heating test cell
Heating test cell
This test stand provides profund studies in heating technique: Heat generator using oil and gas distribute heat by mixed cycle, direct cycle, accumulator or recirculation into the consumers. Installed consumers are Floor-heater, radiator-heater and an accumulator with 34 kW power.
Heating test cell
2 m² floor heater

Control technique:

Weather set, continous with simulator


Measuring technique:

he measuring devices are digitally connected to the internal controller, sending serial data to the comprised portable PC. Stand control and data acquisition is performed by Windows-software. Measured quantities are:

  • Flows and DT-measurement at kettle and each consumer
  • Consumption of gas and oil
Heating test cell
Oil-supply and heat-distribution
Heating test cell
Keywords: Central heating, Heating technique, Heat generator, Heat distributor, Heat consumer, Oil-heater, Gas-heater
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