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Dipl. Ing. A. Kutschelis & Sohn

Technische Lehrmittel Construktion
Hochstr. 8
D- 59425 Unna

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printable version Fluidized bed dryer

This moveable device is designed for the creation, observation and research of fluid bed drying processes. It supports continous and batch processing in open system and closed cycle system with optional bypass operation. It is designed for educational purposes and provides versatile studies in thermical, mechanical process engineering, measuring and control technique.


Measuring systems :

The measuring devices are digitally connected to the internal controller, sending serial data to the comprised portable PC. Stand control and data acquisition is performed by Windows-software. Measured quantities are:

  • 3 x dry bulb temperature 0-120°C
  • 3 x relative humidity, humidity ratio
  • 2 x Quantity and mass flows
  • Pressures up to 100 mbar
  • PID-Controller for temperature (3- stage on/off control with feedback). The controller parameters can be set by the software. The proportional, integral and derivative actions of the output value can be extra recorded.
  • Speed controlled side channel compressor
  • Fresh air- / recirculating air control flaps
  • Glass cyclone for bypass operation
  • In-, back-, outlet, cell wheel sluices
  • Regenerative bag filters
  • Seeve-vibrator
  • Manipulator
1.4m x 0.6m x 1.7m
Weight 95 kg
Services: 240 VAC
Keywords: Fluidized bed dryer, software
©TeLC Unna 2004 
printable version Fluidized bed dryer software
Control and data acquisition software package for test stand "Fluid bed dryer":
Serial data transfer, temperature controller setup and monitoring, evaluation, data export
Fluidized bed dryer software
Control panel with shifters, bar displays and plotter.
Fluidized bed dryer software
Process scheme with measured quantities displayed as bar graphs and table with exact digitals of all quantities.
Fluidized bed dryer software
Evaluation of a drying process.
Fluidized bed dryer software
Evaluation of a temperature control performance.
©TeLC Unna 2004 
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