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Dipl. Ing. A. Kutschelis & Sohn

Technische Lehrmittel Construktion
Hochstr. 8
D- 59425 Unna

phone.: +49 (0) 2303 239999
facs: +49 (0) 2303 239990
printable version Sort and test cell

Portal with PLS
PLS Application model for easy and for ambitious programming

Sort and test cell
Sort and test cell
The cell realizes an assorting and inspection process. The assorting is with respect to the weight of the cylindrical objects. The weighing is a pneumaticallly balanced semibeam with strain gage sensor as comparator. The balancing is a control task for the PLS and its ADC and DAC components together with the control PID-algorithm. After weighing different decisions are provided: placement in rising weight order on the rack or offsorting and elimination out of the unit etc.
working area 600 x 600 x 300 mm3 with the following processelements:
  • Magazin with separator
  • belt conveyor
  • balance and positioning trace
  • pneumatic hand
  • belt conveyor transports outside or inside
  • power relais
  • motor protection
  • heavy duty plugs
  • series terminals
  • modular conception
Use of all possibilities of the PLS:
  • Digital- und Analogprocessing, fast counters for positioning, Controlalgorithms
  • Clean process without cuttings
  • Cycle process, chaneing with robot easy to realize f.e.with our arms robot, elements also for single use
Variation of systems:
  • spindle and toothbelt drives and pneumatic cylinders
  • digital and proportional technics
  • Initiator- and Resolverpositioning
©TeLC Unna 2004 
printable version Automated injection moulding machine SP3K
Automated injection moulding machine SP3K

Injection Moulding Machine SPK97 is also an application model for PLC, pneumatics, hydraulics and tool making. The machine on rollable stand is small, surveyable, transparent and less dangerous. Heat and force effected parts are carefully isolated.



Modern original industry components:

  • Pneumatic valves in compact series connection
  • Pneumatic service unit with startervalve
  • Initiators for piston positions
  • Moulds in original design
  • Program and dimensions are published completely


Use of a compact PLC with the following attributes:

  • Icon-pad for handcommands, change of constants and operation modes
  • Textdisplay for status and messages
  • Operation mode information LEDs: Cycle/automatic, hand/setup, 16 I/O
  • PC-programmable
  • Separated Temperature controller


  1. Close clamp
  2. Distance up
  3. High pressure on
  4. Injection
  5. Injection time
  6. Post injection
  1. Post injection time
  2. Aportioning
  3. Vibrating
  4. High pressure off
  5. Distance down
  6. Open clamp and extract
  7. Wait until temperature ready
Injection unit and locking:
  • Heater 750 W two coils
  • Controller 450°,1 FeCu-Ni-sensor
  • Maximum injection pressure 780 bar
  • Injection mass appr. 15g in PE
  • Needle locking nozzle
  • Opening pressure adjustable
  • Hydraulic locking
  • Mould square 100x100mm
  • Space travel 130mm by travelcylinders
  • Force travel 4mm by pneumatic /
  • hydraulic transducer 64 : 1
  • Locking force 150 kN
  • Adjustable ejector
Hydraulic locking
Hydraulic locking


Moulds in original design with the following characteristics:

  • Tensile tes
  • Impact test
  • Spiral flow (mould filling)
  • Screw driver (compound)
  • Inner thread (core is screwed out)
  • Multiple (with multiple nets)
  • Tooth wheel
  • Undercut (splitted mould)

Technical Details:

1400mm x 300mm x 500 mm
Weight: ca.85 kg
Services pressed air: 6-7bar, consumption 6dm³ per shot
Elektric service: 220-240 V AC
Keywords: Injection Moulding Machine, Pneumatik, Thermoplastics Processing, mouldmaking, Pneumatik, Thermoplastics Processing, Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine, Injector Nozzle, Plastics Compound, Plastics-Processing
Manual injection moulding machine SP2
Manual injection moulding machine SP2

Handoperated Injection Moulding Machine SP2K with laying coaxial design, pneumatically driven piston and handspindle-locking.

Injection unit:
  • 2 heater bonds 750 W
  • Temperature controller 450°C with Thermocouple
  • Needle locking nozzle with adjustable opening pressure
  • Injection pressure max. 780 bar at 6 bar supply
  • Maximum injection mass appr.15 g in PE or more
  • Handspindle-locking
  • Locking force about 150 kN
  • Control: Hand-wayvalves, automatic pressure controller


Tensile- and impact specimen, spiral , screwdriver, free selectable ingraving .

 Handspindle- locking of SP2
Handspindle- locking of SP2

Technical Details:

1400mm x 300mm x 500 mm
Weight: ca.85 kg
Services pressed air: 6-7bar, consumption 6 dm³ per shot
Electrical service: 220-240 V AC
Keywords: Injection Moulding Machine, Pneumatik, Thermoplastics Processing, mouldmaking, Pneumatik, Thermoplastics Processing, Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine, Injector Nozzle, Plastics Compound, Plastics-Processing
©TeLC Unna 2004 
printable version Manufacturing cell with injection moulding machine and robot
Manufacturing cell with injection moulding machine and robot

This cell combines our automated injection moulding machine SP3K with a robot. The result is a manufacturing cell with the process steps feeding, unloading, removing the sprue, checking and final packing.

  • The Robot is placed on a table suitable to SPK97.
  • The table is bolted to the frame of the SPK97.
  • On the table are placed:
    • Magazin with separator
    • Blade turner with direction contro
    • Sprue cutter, packingbox
    • Optional image inspection system
  • The Injection Moulding machine is equipped with an interface for communication
  • The machine safety cover has got a controllable flap
  • The mould "screwdriver" is automated and prepared for the feeding of the blade
  • The robothand has got long fingers to grip the blade.


  1. The robot takes the blade from the separator.
  2. The placement of the blade is checked. If necessary the blade is turned.
  3. On its way to the mould the robot turns and swings its hand. The SPK97 signals a ready and opens its coverflap.
  4. During feeding the moulding machine is blocked.
  5. The robot waits for the injection procedure being finished and unloads the perfected screwdriver.
  6. The sprue is cutted off.
  7. Before packing an image inspection system can check weather the moulding is correct.
Keywords: Process cell, injection moulding machine, automation technology , industrial robotics, handling, manufacturing cell
©TeLC Unna 2004 
printable version Robot

small intelligent arms Robot for pick and place and coating
3(6) axes

The robot is for point-to-point operation. At 20% speed it is possible to execute any linear or circular paths continously. Therefore it is well usefull for distributing and coating purposes f.e. of glue or sealants.

  • work area: spherical ,radius appr. 500 mm
  • playload: 0,5 k
  • Positioning: 0,1 mm
  • speed: 1 m/s
  • steppermotor drives with special gearing for shoulder, upper- and forearm
  • pneumatic drives for hand svinging, turning and gripping with adjustable blocks

Two fingers hand in basic configuration. Additional functions are possible.




through the soft-ware program PC-Posi and internal or external PC. PC-Posi is a very flexible program for the control of up to 4 stepper motors with any speed and ramps as well as for digital I/O . It includes also a soft ware PLC with functions and language similar to Siemens step7.

The unit includes all industrial standard functions as f.e. :operation modes: setup, hand, cycle, automatic, teach-in, other features are: cycle counter, repeater, crawling and fast speed, I/O tests, relative or absolute positioning a.s.o.
Job related programs are saved together with their specific parameters.

Robot work area

TeLC offers the complete solution: Robot to do the customers job.

The Robot is our own design, we make it ourselves included the special gearings.

©TeLC Unna 2004 
printable version Material test press
Material test press

Hydraulically driven Universal Material Testpress 120 kN / 150 mm stroke for tensile-, compression-, hardness and technological tests of all kind.

Machine is equipped with fast and highly resolving electronic measure systems for force and travel and with electrically controllable actors.

Machine has got a controlsystem for speed, forcecreation, force start and ending, testcycles, testseries, operator guidance, software, etc

The inbuilt intelligency is operated from the touchscreen or the serially connected PC.

Singular is the Video Measure System for Contraction.

It allows the visualisation of the testspecimen , the measurement of the traverse contraction and the displaying of the „true“ stress during test run. Also image dokumentation in protcol is possible.

Software exists allready for numerous tests. Software can easily be changed / created by the user himself, e.g.:
  • tensile / compression test
  • bendin
  • wedge angle
  • deep drawing
  • punching
  • glueing
  • screws


Machine is available in table and compact version and can come with a huge selection of tools. For more details visit
Keywords: Upgrade, Oehlgass, Oehlgass, Oelgas, Oelgass, Modernization, Press, Presses, Update, Sensor, Software, Material test maschine, Universal, Universal material test machine
©TeLC Unna 2004 
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