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01:21 / 24.06.2024
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First internal combustion engine to be operated as 4-stroke and 2-stroke

Model 2020
View of the engine with intake and tube leading to the accu volume for the flushing, valves actuator, there behind piezopump with inbuilt pressure sensor for the indicating, still ignition, -probe, thermocouple, cooling fan left, exhaust gas fan in background

The small engine for laboratory practice, which is already famous for its fully variable valves actuation , was redesigned so that it can be operated either in 4-stroke or in 2-stroke mode. This is possible, because all its functions are controlled completely electronically. The new direct injection, which was realized with the reinforced piezopump, allows injection into compression stroke after ending of the flushing phase. Flushing is made by the correct setting of the valves open phase around LDC and with flushing air which is taken from the pressed air supply, always used with the engine. Control and data acquisition is done from PC screen same like before. Also loading and saving of data sets of performance conditions like coldstart, fulload800, partialload800 etc. are done same way as before during running. So can be switched completely freely also between 2-stroke and 4-stroke data sets. Flushing air supply however should be disconnected in 4-stroke mode. Otherwise the engine would be overcharged.
Regarding this the new design provides not only the 2-stroke operation but also the overcharging of the engine.

Screen with:
In headlines control diagram for IVO-IVC, Injection ON-OFF, Ignition ON-OFF, OVO-OVC etc. Bargrafhs for measures, plotter as small display.


Indicating as big display P/V 20 plots for saving selection

indicating as big display P/α
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