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02:42 / 24.06.2024
printable version XKM-software
  • This software is made for the data acquisition with TeLC cutting tool dynamometers with serial data interface
  • The HTML-instruction manual is readable with the Internet Explorer
  • The simulation mode allows training on the program without connected dynamometers
  • The software contains a variety of features, such as data acquisition,
    calculation of derivated data and edit fields for technological data input
  • The quantities can be displayed with bars, tables and plotter with automatic scaling
  • Different preconfigured evaluation templates
  • Powerful data editing functions for post editing

The view for the tool dynamometer drilling:

Left part of screen:
Fast refreshing bars indicating force and torque.
Scheme of drill with edit fields for input of technological data.

Right part of screen:
Any quantity is displayed by plotter and table (currently not visible).
The control buttons for the data acquisition are placed below the plotter.

Dialog providing post editing of measured data (e.g. averaging)
Dialog "wear detection-parameter setup"
Preconfigured evaluation templates:
This example shows the results of an experiment, variing the feed from low to high values.
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